Daily Routine

Timetable / Daily Routine - 2023

Monday A - Assembly Monday B - Year Meeting Tuesday to Friday
Warning 8.38am Warning  8.38am Warning  8.38am
Assembly 8.43am Roll Call 8.43am Roll Call 8.43am
Period 1 9.30am Year Meeting 8.53am Period 1 8.53am
Period 2 10.15am Period 1 9.30am Period 2 9.45am
Recess 11.00am Period 2 10.15am Recess 10.37am
Warning 11.15am Recess 11.00am Warning 10.52am
Period 3 11.20am Warning 11.15am Period 3 10.57am
Period 4 12.10pm Period 3 11.20am Period 4 11.49am
Lunch 1 1.00pm Period 4 12.10pm Lunch 1 12.41pm
Lunch 2 1.20pm Lunch 1 1.00pm Lunch 2 1.01pm
Warning 1.35pm Lunch 2 1.20pm Warning 1.16pm
Period 5 1.40pm Warning 1.35pm Period 5 1.21pm
Period 6 2.23pm Period 5 1.40pm Period 6 2.13pm
End of Day 3.05pm Period 6 2.23pm End of Day 3.05pm
End of Day 3.05pm

School Terms

School Terms and Public Holidays - you will be directed to the NSW Education Standards Authority website.