James Sheahan Catholic High School Orange

We are in the country of the Wiradjuri people. We pay respect to their Elders, celebrate their
continuing culture and acknowledge the memory of their ancestors.

"Empowering our students to make a life, not just a living"

Our Mission

James Sheahan Catholic High School is a learning community inspired by the traditions of our founders Catherine McAuley and John Baptist de La Salle. In our goal to achieve high levels of learning for all students, we provide opportunities for excellence, growth and success in a caring environment. Valuing compassion, courage and hope, our students will be prepared for a changing world. We are focused on ensuring that our school is a place where every student can belong and where all backgrounds, abilities and aspirations are embraced.

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Contact Us

James Sheahan Catholic High School
49 Anson St (South), Orange, NSW 2800.
Alternatively: P.O. Box 146 Orange, NSW 2800.
Telephone: 02 6362 1422
Email: jschs@bth.catholic.edu.au