Our Wellbeing Team comprises many key staff who are here to assist and support your children on their journey through adolescence and beyond. Our wellbeing approach aligns with our school values of Courage, Compassion, Hope and Belonging and recognises that Faith, Learning and Wellbeing are all intrinsically linked. Through both a Positive Behaviour for Learning Framework and a commitment to Positive Wellbeing, our team of staff work closely with your children to help them flourish as life-long learners and self-confident, positive and caring young men and women, able to contribute to building a better world.

Whilst all staff members take an active role in monitoring and supporting the wellbeing needs of our children, staff members in key wellbeing roles include:

 Michelle Whiteley – Assistant Principal, Wellbeing
Laing, Amy
 Amy Laing – Leader of Student Wellbeing 
Morris, Eric

 Eric Morris - Year 7 Coordinator

Dean, Sue

 Sue Dean – Year 8 Coordinator

Hollman, Georgia

 Georgia Hollman - Year 9 Coordinator 

Moon, Maggie

 Maggie Moon- Year 10 Coordinator 

Gibson, Wesley
 Wes Gibson – Year 11 Coordinator 
Maguire, Lynelle
 Lynelle Maguire – Year 12 Coordinator 
Rose, Mark
 Mark Rose – Aboriginal Educator 
Tilston, Laura
 Laura Tilston - Learning Enhancement Coordinator 
Bail, Megan

 Megan Bail - School Counsellor

Hannah Chellas


 Hannah Chellas - School Counsellor