Learning and Teaching

James Sheahan Catholic High School is committed to excellence, focusing on high levels of learning for all students, through providing a Contemporary Learning approach that provides opportunities for all students to grow, to learn and to be successful within a holistic mindset of high expectation.

Our Contemporary Learning approach, driven by high impact teaching strategies, is focused on providing all of our students the key transferrable skills and attributes to thrive in diverse careers, in their lives, and in their faith.

These core skills include being able to work collaboratively in critical and creative ways, to use learning and skills to consider and address real life issues and concerns, to be confident in using learning technologies to problem-solve and to access information, and to integrate knowledge from across their learning to thrive and flourish in life beyond school.

Our Model of Christ Centred Learning reflects and drives this approach, focusing on learning that is personalised, built on collaboration and expertise, is engaging and adaptive, promotes insight and meaning, and is embedded in a high-quality curriculum, enriched with a Catholic worldview.

Learning at James Sheahan is built on the foundation and principles of a Professional Learning Community
We accept learning as the fundamental purpose of the school and examine all practices in the light of their impact on learning
We are committed to working together, critically and reflectively, to achieve our collective purpose through the deliberate growing of high performing teams
We assess our effectiveness on the basis of results, using evidence, data and feedback to promote continuous improvement.

We have an ongoing commitment to providing a dynamic curriculum, reflecting student and societal needs, and the provision of authentic and meaningful pathways for all students, recognising the uniqueness of every student.

Our learning is embedded in a Positive Education approach, to build emotional intelligence and to grow in our students their resilience, happiness, wellbeing, care of and kindness towards others, and a deepened ability to handle life’s stresses and to feel supported and affirmed.