At James Sheahan Catholic High School, the Curriculum is dynamic in nature. It is a stimulating, challenging and relevant curriculum, which provides for the learning needs of all students. The School’s commitment is to provide a curriculum enabling each student to achieve their fullest potential. James Sheahan has introduced a Bridging the Gap program for Year 7. It is our hope to make the transition into High School as smooth as possible by reducing the number of teachers that each student is taught by each day. As many subjects as possible for each class will be taught by the same teacher. Instead of a student having 11 teachers, they may have 6 or 7. These teachers work as a team and meet regularly to discuss the best possible education for each child in the class.

Year 7 and Year 8 - These are introductory years in which all students follow a similar course of study before they are able to choose subjects suitable to their own interests and abilities.

Year 9 And Year 10 - As students mature it becomes more obvious that they have their own strengths and interests. The subjects in Year 9 and Year 10 are a combination of core subjects studied by all students, and electives catered to the individual. At the end of Year 10 students who choose to leave will receive the new record of school achievement ROSA.

Core Subjects
Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PD/Health/PE

Elective Subjects
Agriculture, Commerce, Drama, Dance, Food Technology, Information and Software Technology, Japanese, Music, Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology Metal and Timber, Physical Activity and Sport Science, Textiles Technology, Visual Arts, iSTEM.

Year 11 And Year 12 - James Sheahan is able to offer an extensive curriculum for our senior students. We are able to provide variety, a strongly academic choice of subjects and extensive resources and experience in delivering Vocational Educational subjects.

Compulsory senior subjects at JSCHS
Studies of Religion 1 or 2 Unit, English Standard, English Advanced or English Studies (non ATAR).

Other courses available at JSCHS in years 11 & 12.
Agriculture, Metal & Engineering (VET Framework), Ancient History, Modern History, Biology, Music 1, Business Studies, PD/Health/PE, Chemistry, Physics, Community & Family Studies, Primary Industries (VET Framework), Drama, Senior Science, Economics, Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation, Engineering Studies, Studies of Religion 2 Unit, English Extension, Textiles & Design, Exploring Early Childhood, Food Technology, Hospitality Kitchen Operations (VET Framework), Construction (VET Framework), Industrial Technology / Multi Media, Industrial technology Graphics, Geography, Visual Arts, Industrial Technology – Automotive, Industrial Technology – Timber, Information Processes and Technology, Language – Japanese & French, Legal Studies. Final courses offered will be subject to sufficient student demand and timetable constraints.


KLA Specific Information

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